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Golf offers a unique opportunity to enhance your child’s physical, psychological and social development. The information below offers ways that you can get involved to enhance and support your child’s learning.

 Why choose golf for your child?

There are a number of excellent reasons to choose golf:

  • - It’s fun.
  • - Played with friends in a safe environment.
  • - Develops Personal Skills that not all other sports encourage.
  • - Game for life.
  • - Rewarding – The handicap system allows everyone to improve
  • - An Individual Sport but also played as a team sport (Just think Ryder Cup)


Why choose the Junior Golf Passport?
The new Junior Golf Passport is a comprehensive introduction to golf for your child that incorporates all the key elements of development.  It’s a personal journey and the JGP encourages player’s to take ownership of the following elements:

Playing skills- putting, short game, long game, playing and golfer's code. All the technical skills needed to play a complete round of golf, understand the rules and score.

Personal SkillsThe Junior Golf Passport is an ideal medium through which children and young people can develop personal skills such as honesty, respect, co-operation, perseverance, concentration and self motivation – all of which will help them through their youth and into adulthood.

Physical SkillsThe Junior Golf Passport incorporates physical movement drills to help build the physical foundations needed to develop in golf and other sports.

How can you get involved and help your child?
The child’s feeling of independent accomplishment is a great benefit of the Junior Golf Passport but your role as a parent is crucial for their continued development. Supporting your child to go through the programme, offering help where needed, will be highly satisfying for all family members involved. Please see below for other ways that you can get involved in your child’s experience.

At Home
As mentioned, your child will be responsible for their own learning and you can help in monitoring this.  After each session your child will be able to log in to the website and access their progress charts and update them.    To begin with this may be a process you would like to share with your child, until a time you feel they can update this for themselves.

At the Club
Alongside the online feature of the JGP, you may really enjoy watching the golf activity at the golf club and even helping with your child’s activity. How about attending the golf club’s special Festival sessions which take place at the end of coaching periods?  These festivals bring together all of the children’s learning from the previous weeks in a fun and dynamic set of golf games.  Many parents enjoy this experience and you will be warmly welcomed by the club’s Golf Professional, who may even enlist you in easy and fun tasks to help the youngsters (but no pressure!). This is a great way to see your child engaging in the programme and can be a great family day out.

Your Professional
The JGP uses only the most suitable golf facilities and Professionals. Your Golf Professional is the key part of this coaching programme, and good communication with him/her will be great for your child’s learning.  The more contact you can have with the Pro, whether by the Web platform, email or phone, the more you and your child will get out of the Junior Golf Passport.

Do you play golf?  You might love it!
You may already be a golfing parent but if not, golf really is a great family game to play with your children.  Golf used to have a somewhat stuffy image but this is fast-changing; the modern golf club is as friendly and welcoming as any sports venue. Golf offers great exercise in attractive surroundings, you can play it all through your life and make many new friends while playing golf. Ask your Golf Professional how you can get started, and join in with your children for a great new family activity!