Leamington & County GC Case Study

How the new Junior Golf Passport has increased membership at a Warwickshire golf club

Since registering for the new Junior Golf Passport, Leamington & County GC in Warwickshire has seen a dramatic rise in junior membership.  Around 20 children have become a member of the golf club since the introduction of the passport scheme.  
PGA Professional Paul Aitkens at Leamington & County GC chose to register for the Junior Golf Passport after recommendations from a coach on the pilot scheme. The appeal of the programme lay in the online resource and extensive coaching plans provided. Paul recognised that these could help children progress from beginner to club member.  Through its HSBC Golf Roots Centre funding, Leamington & County GC had already introduced golf to many children, including those with disabilities, via taster sessions in local schools. The draw of the Junior Golf Passport was that it offered a complete programme to develop regular players at the golf club.  
Leamington & County GC welcomed juniors to its facility and Paul Aitkens led 5 hours of coaching on Saturdays and an after school session on Tuesdays. With so many children involved, Paul found the Junior Golf Passport lesson plans an invaluable resource to keep the sessions fresh and interesting. The games invited players to beat their previous scores, so there was an added incentive to keep engaged and the online website provided the facility for juniors to track their progress.  Teachers at disabled schools similarly found the website a useful resource as it allowed them to incorporate golf into other lessons such as IT.  
Junior membership at Leamington & County GC has undoubtedly benefitted from using the Junior Golf Passport, but the support from the club personnel has also been key.  The club is fortunate to have Warwickshire County CDO Angie Eadon as a member and club development officer, but parents, grandparents and volunteers have all supported juniors by taking children out on to the golf course.
Main achievements:
Over 70 students attend weekly lessons.
Around 20 youngsters have become a junior member at the golf club.
Parents and volunteers supported junior members by taking them out on the course.
“The overall effect has been positive in that I have been able to get more children involved in golf.  This includes children who are able and disabled.  The beauty of the sections in the Junior Golf Passport means that I have been able to teach the children etiquette and take them around the club house and show members the golf development work at the club.”      
Paul Aitkens, PGA Professional, Leamington County Golf Club