The Golf Foundation reaches 500,000 boys and girls each year and introduces young people from all backgrounds to the benefits of golf, creating a player pathway from school sport to the golf club environment and regular coaching with PGA professionals.

The Junior Golf Passport has played a key role in this strategy and been a highly popular learning resource for PGA coaches and their clubs for more than a decade. The all-new Junior Golf Passport was launched on 1st April 2019.

Within that, the Junior Golf Passport is the national structured learning programme for children aged 6-12 years, endorsed by the PGA. The multi-layered programme progresses a complete novice golfer into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club.

The programme has 3 key levels: START, LEARN and PLAY. The START level is all about fun and an elementary introduction to golf. The LEARN level is a move towards technical instruction through games based learning, always with the emphasis on fun. The PLAY level teaches the child to apply their learning to the golf course, preparing them for potential club membership and competition. However, access to the golf course and playing golf on a course are important features of the Junior Golf Passport from the START in order to develop a real connection to golf.

The programme covers the following key areas of golf;

  - Short putting        
  - Long putting
  - Green reading
  - Feel
• Short game
   - Lofted chip
   - Chip and run            
   - Pitching
   - Bunker play
• Swing
   - Grip
   - Stance
   - Ball position
   - Swing technique 

• On the course
   - Rules of play
   - Course management
   - Awkward lies
   - Yardages


• Fit for golf
  - Power
  - Stability
  - Flexibility
  - Coordination

• Prepare for Golf
   - Golf bag essentials
   - Warm up
   - Rules and Etiquette
   - Ready Golf

• Skills for life
   - Honesty
   - Resect
   - Cooperation
   - Leadership

The booklets are designed to be used in every session, even if the focus isn’t completing tick boxes or receiving stamps.  There are lots of additional information about the various parts of the golf club, ball flights, tracking yardages of each club, milestones, and a glossary to understand the different words used in golf and on the course.

The recent addition of the Skills Test section for each area has brought a new dimension to the Passport, enabling PGA coaches to objectively measure the development of each participant as they work through the levels with lots of certificates and stickers to reward progression and motivate.

PGA Coaches can log into their profile to access the online shop and a locker room where all physical resources can be found as PDFs.  There are also additional documents to support the delivery of Passport sessions with extra content that can be printed and added to the wallets of each Passport.

The start-up pack includes the items listed below, plus 1 year's license to access the online profile and a place on a workshop free of charge in your region (including 15 CPD points – (click here to register your interest in a workshop) for an annual cost of £120.

  • 24 x Booklets
  • 24 x Wallets (Protect booklet and add additional content too)
  • 24 x A4 Certificates
    • 12 x Start, 8 x Learn, 4 x Play
  • 24 x Well Done Certificates
  • 24 x Wristbands
    • 12 x Start, 8 x Learn, 4 x Play
  • 1 x Games and Activity Pack
  • 1 x Skills Card Pack
  • 1 x Stamper
  • 1 x Skills for Life Medal
  • 5 x Sticker Sheets

If you would like further information please contact your local Regional Development Officer.