3 Hammers Golf Complex

How the Junior Golf Passport has helped introduce many more junior members to a golf complex in Staffordshire

Each week around 200 children attend coaching sessions at 3 Hammers Golf Complex, an HSBC Golf Roots Centre in Staffordshire. There is no shortage of young golfers at the complex since Director of Golf Rob Bluck, is always looking at new initiatives to get more children golfing. The Junior Golf Passport is one such resource the complex recently incorporated into its junior pathway that has “definitely increased junior participation at the golf complex.” Over 60 children are now recording their progress on the NEW Junior Golf Passport website.

Junior coaching sessions at the complex are well attended due to the great work that Rob and his team are doing. They heavily advertise their pathway around the golf complex, on their website, social media and in local press. Coaching in schools gives children a fun introduction to golf, and is followed up with an invitation to try one of the complex’s monthly taster sessions. This is the perfect opportunity for youngsters to experience golf for the first time and for the PGA coaches to present the 3 Hammers Junior Golf Pathway and the NEW LOOK Junior Golf Passport Programme.

Rob decided to register for the Passport because he was looking for a “simple, structured programme for his juniors to follow.” He used the resources in most sessions, and showed children the Mark Bull physical videos to present a fresh insight into physical golf development.
The coaches found the Passport beneficial because it reduced their paperwork and gave children and parents more responsibility to take ownership of their learning. It also helped retain golfers as children could progress from beginner to joining the Elite Players’ sessions.

3 Hammers Golf Complex recognises the value of a thriving junior section. Running successful junior coaching programmes for the next generation of golfers is not only advantageous for the youngsters involved, but has led to more parents taking up golf, ensuring the complex is enjoying a huge intake of new golfers giving the game a go.

Main achievements:
Approximately 200 juniors currently attend the Junior Academy Sessions at the complex.
Between 75-100 juniors currently attend weekly Junior Golf Passport sessions.
Approximately 50 juniors currently attend weekly Tri-Golf sessions.
Over 60 children are recording their progress online.
Several parents now attend the Learn 2 Play adult classes, or have individual lessons.

“Working alongside the Golf Foundation and the PGA, the Junior Golf Passport really complements everything that we are working towards. It works as a great feeder from our schools programme and along with our Junior Golf Pathway has definitely increased junior participation at our complex.”
Rob Bluck, Director of Coaching 3 Hammers Golf Complex